My Physical and Emotional CHANGE!!

"Nothing ever changes if nothing never changes"

COASTing.....its a beach thing

I heard once that "if you are COASTING you were going down hill" I guess you have to keep peddling so you can be moving forward and not COAST?

My family and I are at the beach right now,  we have discovered a beach that we have fallen in love with.  Its on the famous highway 30A in Florida....Rosemary Beach!  This is how we found this amazing place!
 I was talking with a friend who seems to be well traveled...(its seems that way to me because I'M NOT) and I asked her "where can I take my family that is in the US and has beautiful blue water?"  She proceeded to tell my all about this town in Florida that her family had been going to for years!  I went right home and told the family this was the place we had to check out!  We are only in our second year but know that it now is a tradition for our family!

So you are thinking... "what does this have to do with food?"

Well I realized when we went out for a family bike ride...which by the way we only ride bikes in this town...that I had been COASTing on my food intake for a while now....I mean COASTing! 

 Chips, Dt Coke, Chips, cheese, Chips, dips...I mean there is nothing wrong with a little JUNK food .....I'm the first to agree we all need a little artificial "stuff" in our systems...but there is a thing called BALANCE....MODERATION!!!  I sent the teenagers to the store to pick up a few essentials...chips, bread, cereal, cookies, drinks and when I looked at the list I thought back to our bike ride and realized that my eating had been on a COASTing ride and not moving forward and that if your not moving forward you are headed backward or at least SLOWING down and COASTING!

So I have put it out there to hold myself accountable to change some things up and get back PEDDLING ......when I get home from ROSEMARY.....

I'm having to much fun COASTING right now !! :)