My Physical and Emotional CHANGE!!

"Nothing ever changes if nothing never changes"

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Croissant

I went to make breakfast and had these YUMMY croissants from Trader Joe's and my daughter says  "Mom those don't fill me up and I said well I haven't finished making them!!"  This might not be on the list of HEALTHY things to eat...but COME ON PEOPLE
 it has two proteins...EGGS and BACON! (Ha Ha)

I scrambled up eggs and thru in a slice of bacon and topped it with some good Cheddar cheese!!
I wrapped them individually with foil and thru in the oven that was still hot from baking and they were all warm and melted by the time the kids were ready to walk out the door....or RUN out my 16 year old loves to do because she has spent her time in the morning getting READY....eating is the last thing on her mind these days!!
By the way Trader Joe's is my new found HOT SPOT.....its fairly new to Austin and I have found several "staples" to keep in my freezer for the days I need a "quick" throw together meal!
One of them being these wonderfully delicious croissants! You set them out the night before and bake them for 15 minutes and I'm telling you, you will 
think you have just had a delivery from the French bakery its self!!  
Well I have never been to a REAL French bakery but in my mind it feels that GOOD!!