My Physical and Emotional CHANGE!!

"Nothing ever changes if nothing never changes"

"Planning Ahead"

What is it about BALANCE that can be sooo hard some times!!??
In this transformation part of my getting fit I had to learn how to balance my time, my food, my relationships, you name it... for me it was all a balance and learning to "plan ahead"!
I was at a horse show recently with my daughter and there
 is limited food options at this outdoor event
so I had to "plan ahead" and bring our food with us.
 When I was talking to another Mom she said
 "How is it that I am eating a bag of orange Cheetos's and you are eating a Orange??
  I told her I was learning to "plan ahead"! 
What a simple concept, but you have to follow thru! 

What I mean by that is this:
I had to be willing  to change the way I planed our meals for the week so that we could
eat right and have the fuel food we needed for the next day. 

So I encourage you 
to start this weekend and make a meal plan. 
Think about your week... where you will be and how the schedule is in your house.
Then write it down day by day and fill in the nights you will be home and make a menu.  Ask your family what they like to eat and you will be sure to have meals EVERYBODY likes!
My next post will be a sample of my meal menu and how I get my recipes!

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