My Physical and Emotional CHANGE!!

"Nothing ever changes if nothing never changes"

"How is your diet and excercise ?"

So after a week of this exercise transformation I decided I should go to the doctor
 and make sure "everything" was OK. 
 See I was thinking I had gotten a little chunky and I was pretty
sure I had a thyroid problem and that was why I was heavy!! 
 So I went and had my blood checked and had my appointment
to find out the results and you know what she said?

"How is your diet and exercise?"

I about died...REALLY...was it down to this...PLEASE tell me I have to take a
"pill" and my weight will just drop off!
But NO,
 she wanted to talk about Running, Swimming, Biking, name it she mentioned it! 

 How crazy is this......I was disappointed.....
I get to my car after the appointment and call my girlfriend and told her that if she was still willing to help me I was in it for the long HAUL and I would do whatever she told me to do!!
Of course her response was " OK I'm excited-LETS GO!!  See ya at the trail in the morning!!"

(she said some other stuff but all I really was thinking about was
 how the heck was I going to do this?

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