My Physical and Emotional CHANGE!!

"Nothing ever changes if nothing never changes"

You realize I've never worked out!!

June 7, 2010
So it is Monday morning at 5am!!...Monday.....every good diet starts on Monday right??  My friend tells me that she will meet me at 6am at the "hike and bike" trail (
 and we will go for a run!  I "think" I have the "proper" shoes, the "proper" know.. what ever makes me look the skinniest or the most fit....whatever that looks like???  
 Now 5am comes easy for me, the hard part for me is my COFFEE...I HAVE to have it...or should I call it "coffee milk"....(that is what my Mom called it because, it was mainly milk and sugar with a splash of coffee)...some of you I know understand this. (50 calories  12 grams sugar )
Now that I have coffee I am good to go RIGHT?  I did not know for me that coffee was not fuel "food",  but as of this morning it was my fuel...I did not know what was coming! 
I get there and we run, and run and run...1hour
(578 calories burned)
..that was all...that is what she said "no shorter no longer"...I can handle that! had to be the hardest thing I had ever sounds so simple so easy...
NOT..I had to tell her several times that I had know idea what I was doing!.....She said that was OK she would help me along the way.
I don't know what I have gotten myself into???!

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